A Perfect Day




A delightful collection of Classic Sacred Melodies performed on Concert Grand Marimba and accompanied on Yamaha Grand Piano, with light orchestration. The 21 selected pieces were chosen for their uplifting spiritual nature and melodic beauty as well as their adaptability to the unique style and qualities of the Marimba.

Selections include:

  1. Eternal Life (Listen)

  2. Because He Lives
    It is Well with my Soul
    The Love of God

  3. Far Beyond the Sun

  4. God Speaks

  5. The Lord’s Prayer

  6. Amazing Grace
    Marvelous Grace

  7. Bless this House

  8. Cleanse Me
    I Will Serve Thee

  9. Calvary

  10. The Green Cathedral (Listen)

  11. Beyond the Sunset
    Over the Mountains
    Day is Dying in the West

  12. A Perfect Day

  13. Encore en Español:
    Mas Allá Del Sol (Listen)


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